501c3 Application

We will assist aspiring Social Entrepreneurs and Grass Roots Organizations in setting up their new nonprofit agency and submitting the appropriate documents to the IRS for 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status. In most cases, the entire process takes less than 60 Days depending on the size of your organization.

We will assist you in:

  • Completing and submitting all Federal and IRS documents; 

  • Completing and submitting all State documents; 

  • Completing and submitting all local documents; 

  • Establishing your board of directors; and 

  • Completing your bylaws and articles of incorporation.

There are 2 options available to you for assistance with setting up your new nonprofit agency:

  1. Coaching Option - we will coach you through the process (Limited availability); or

  2. We-Do-It-All Option - we will do everything for you.  

Click HERE to apply!   

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Address: 2601 N. Hullen Street, Suite 103-B, Metairie, LA 70002

Phone:  504.267.1404

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